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Echo and Wyatt’s pups at almost 6 weeks.

Echo and Wyatt’s pups at almost 6 weeks.

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1st Pick has choosen Carrie!

Carrie, Piper, 41 Days

Carrie, Piper, 41 Days

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New Litter on it’s Way.

Piper now has due date of April 28th!

She is bred to Eli, from Breezemore.

For those of you on my list, I will post updates on her progress.

I will be breeding Spice to Wyatt soon so their will be alot of nice pups to choose from.

Please feel free to ask questions.



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Puppy Blog

Those of you that have puppies or are waiting on the list for their  Kicks and Giggles Mini Aussies or Small AKC Aussie
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