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Our nine dogs are our family pets. They live in the house and do everything with us. I work at home, so I can be with them. This is how we raise the pups too. At 3 days old the tails are docked. At 8 weeks they go to the vet for a complete check-up and first shots before going to their new homes a few days later. They are de-wormed every 2 weeks after they are 2  weeks old. I work at home so they get lots of tender loving care, and the grandchildren love them too.

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Cathy Lewis, Cell phone: (207) 319-5956

Cathy Lewis



Above all I am a mother of two beautiful grown daughters  and a grandmother to 3 wonderful children.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Harry Lewis, Jr. for the last 38 years and counting. I have done many things in life from taking care of the very wise older generation, diving for urchins and tuna fishing for 9 years. The urchin diving was in the winter off the coast of Maine…BRRR! I also raise Mini Australian Shepherds, which is my first PASSION!

These beautiful wiggle-butts are the most loyal dogs I have ever met. They stick to you like glue and are the smartest dogs ever! This is why they are not for everyone. They are bred to need a leader, with a good leader they are not only your beat friend but a great addition to a family! This breed lives to PLEASE!

My 2nd passion is horses and barrel racing (yes, there is barrel racing in Maine). Barrel racing is something that my husband and I do together. We are hoping someday to go the World Championships and compete. SOMEDAY! We have been riding and leaning as much as possible for the last fourteen years. Taking every clinic and learning everywhere we can.

I am a animal lover, my mother thinks I am obsessed with animals, I have raised horse, goats and now just puppies. We bought our first Mini Aussie over 17 year ago (Rusty), and just fell in love, so we gave up the  other babies because raising more than one would be to much for just the two of us. These little Velcro dogs got in our hearts and we where chosen!  They are the most loyal little wiggle-butts we have ever seen. Feel free to check my references on my private Facebook at Kicks and Giggles Mini and Small Aussies. You must answer the questions to be accepted

Talk about man’s best friend, this breed will stay at your side all day,no mater what your doing.They have so much love to give!

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