1st Pick has choosen Carrie!

Carrie, Piper, 41 Days

Carrie, Piper, 41 Days

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10 thoughts on “1st Pick has choosen Carrie!

  1. jod johnson

    Awesome choice, congratulations Jennifer and family! She will make you all very happy.

  2. Jennifer Martin

    Yes her temperment fit our Family Better she was more laid back Shania was way to tiny and i think is going to be a handful!!

  3. jod johnson

    You are right, Shania is going to be a handful but keep someone in stitches laughing. Carrie is a wonderful all around dog.

  4. Krista Frazier

    So happy for your family! Now I’m dying to know what #2 will choose!!!!

  5. Jason Ireland

    Congratulations on an excellent choice. This is going to mix up the choices a bit!

  6. jod johnson

    Heather, when will you be visiting to choose?

  7. Jennifer Martin

    Thanks Guys they are all so different it was not easy !! Carrie fit our family!! i wanted to walk right outta there with her last nite she loves to give kisses very affectionate dog and easy going!!
    Thank you cathy 2 hours of trying to decide:)

  8. jod johnson

    Cathy, where did you buy that great mop you have? Also, what’s the solution you are using that doesn’t irritate puppy paws?

    • The mop came for Walmart and the stuff I get is from Melaleuca.com. Any natural cleaner should work.

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