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Spices UltraSound

Being the worry wort that I am ,I toke Spice in for a ultrasound this morning, because I was so w0rried.

The vet counted 5 puppies. 3 in the right horn and 2 way up under her ribs in the left horn. I thought the left horn felt empty so that is why I was worried.

Vet says all is well and she just is not ready yet. Better to be safe than sorry!

Well I can relax now!!!!!!!! 🙂

If she does have 5 puppies that will leave 2 out of the 10 in total unspoken for.

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How Many Pups??

They are both getting quite round! It won’t be long now!( 8 to 14 days)!!!!!! Should be lots of reds from Spice and Wyatt’s litter! I am thinking maybe 12 pups in total…….Does anyone  want to make a guess???? Who will make the right guess????? The hubby is thinking 10 pups, but I think he is way off!!!

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Spice and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt

This will be Spice first litter and Wyatt’s second litter.

I am so excited about this cross as Spice is out of Rusty and Lacey.

Can’t wait to see the bone that Wyatt puts in his pups.

Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

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New Litter on it’s Way.

Piper now has due date of April 28th!

She is bred to Eli, from Breezemore.

For those of you on my list, I will post updates on her progress.

I will be breeding Spice to Wyatt soon so their will be alot of nice pups to choose from.

Please feel free to ask questions.



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