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The Gang Playing In The Snow.

I don’t have any puppy pictures to post,

so I thought I would share some pictures of the gang out playing.

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Computer problems

My computer has died, can’t take out to the shop until Monday. Please call if you have any questions. I will post new pictures as some as i can.

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All went will, healthy puppies!

Destiny 5lbs 6oz

Marriah 6lbs 7oz

Janice 6lbs 15oz

Whitney 6lbs 13oz

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New Kicks and Giggles Puppy

We are so excited, Kicks and Giggles is adding a new Blue Merle Female to are breeding program!

She is from Sunset Farm in NC.

We should have her here at home in the next few weeks.

Here are some pictures of her, let me now what you think.

I am also looking for name ideas.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Piper’s babies are going in to have their tails and dew claws done this morning. This is the part I hate, don’t like doing this but it has to be done.

Spice is looking good, but not real big. This is her first litter, so that is normal. Her due date is tomorrow, can’t wait!!!!!!

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How Many Pups??

They are both getting quite round! It won’t be long now!( 8 to 14 days)!!!!!! Should be lots of reds from Spice and Wyatt’s litter! I am thinking maybe 12 pups in total…….Does anyone  want to make a guess???? Who will make the right guess????? The hubby is thinking 10 pups, but I think he is way off!!!

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The Girls

Both girls are differently pregnant, they are getting very hormonal. they are mostly very grumpy with each other. They’ll be on my lap and lay there and grumble at each other, like there cussing each other out!

Other than that, they are both doing well!!! 🙂

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The Girls!

Both girls are doing great! Piper is starting to get a little more needy and slow down a little bit. Spice no so much, but she is not very far long yet!  No signs of morning sickness but very sleepy mornings, after there trip to barn to feed the horse,and check on the birds of course!

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Spice and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt

This will be Spice first litter and Wyatt’s second litter.

I am so excited about this cross as Spice is out of Rusty and Lacey.

Can’t wait to see the bone that Wyatt puts in his pups.

Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

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Thumper After His Tubbey

This is Thumper after his bath. He went to new home this afternoon. I am really going to miss him.

His bother Mickey is still available, he’s the last one left! Miss you already Thump.

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