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Summer’s 5 and a half week old pups.

This is Summer’s last litter as she had some trouble and had to have an emergency C-section. All is well, pups are all heathy and so is mom. She had 5 beautiful pups. Pups come AKC Reg., Micro chipped and vetted with first shot. Pups will be ready for their forever home 4/7. Please call if interested. ONLY TWO LEFT.

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Summer has had 5 awesome little ones. They are now 5 weeks old. They will be ready to go 9/28. There are 3 pups left in this litter. Please call if you are interested. Pups come veted, microchipped and AKC reg.

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Laska and Wrecker’s babies are here.

Laska and Wrecker’s

Laska does it again, I am going to miss her colorful litters!

There are 9 of them! Only 2 girls though.

Well here they are girls on pink boys on blue.


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Shine and Wrecker

Well they are here 5 adorable little puppies!

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Shilo and Wrecker oops litter

As some of you may know we had a family emergency in late November through early December. My younger daughter was in ICU for a couple of weeks, then had few week’s stay in Maine Med. She is okay now but we have surprise litter from her little girl Shilo who was staying with us while her Mom was recovering. With all my traveling back and forth to Portland to be with my daughter somehow Shilo went into heat without my noticing and ended up with Wrecker. Shilo is Shine’s full sister out of Laska and Wyatt. I would not say she is “breed quality” as she has prick ears and is somewhat lanky. She does however have a very nice head and is on the smaller side. My daughter, who is still recovering, is not able to care for a litter of puppies so I brought them and Shilo to stay with me and find their forever homes. Shilo will go home to her Mom when her babies have gone home to their new families, and she has been spayed. There are 6 pups, all tri, 4 red and 2 black. They will all be ASDR registered. These pups will be ready to go to there forever homes April 15th.



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Hot out of the oven!

Congrats to Truffles and Bodie, seven beautiful puppies!

The Girls

The Girls

The Boys

The Boys


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Spice and Wyatt

Well here they are right out of the oven. The merle is the only female rest are handsome boys.

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Truffles beatiful pups are here!

What a nice litter, Truffles and Bodie did a great job.

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Echo’s Little Ones at 5 weeks

Wyatt and Echo’s Little Ones at 5 weeks

Play time is so much fun at this age! I am so lucky!

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Laska’s Little Ones at 4 weeks!

Laska and Wyatt’s Little Ones at 4 weeks!

They are just too cute!!!!!

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Laska and Wyatt s Litter

Laska and Wyatt s puppies at 2 1/2 weeks old.

Will here they are, and what stunning babies. Great job Wacka and Wyatt love them all!

What sweet sweet pups!

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Echo and Wyatt s Litter

Finally here are the new pictures of Echo and Wyatt s beautiful babies.

They are up and around and are starting to bark and growl already, how cute!

There are 3 1/2 weeks old.

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Echo and Wyatts little cuties.

Echo and Wyatts Puppies at 1 Week Old

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Echo and Wyatt had 6 Beattiful Babies.

6 Easter Babies

One of the Red Merles is a male, all the rest are female. Look at all the color.

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Upcoming Litters

I am happy to announce that we have two litters coming in April

That we are now taking Deposit’s on.

Echo and Wyatt’s litter due April 15th.

Laska and Wyatt’s litter due April 23rd

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New pictures of the puppies only one left. SNAFU

I can’t believe that Snafu is still Available! Look at the bone structure on the this boy.

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Piper and Wyatt’s puppies at 6 weeks.

What beautiful Babies!

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Spice and Wyatt’s puppies at 5 weeks.

We are are growing fast, play play play!

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Piper and Wyatt’s puppirs at 4 weeks.

OMG…These two have produce an absolutely gorgeous litter of Tri,s. Some of them look to have Wyatt’s blue eyes. As they grow I will know how does and how doesn’t have the blue eyes.

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Spice and Wyatt’s Puppies at 3 weeks.

We are growing fast. We are opening our eyes and starting to growl and play a little.

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