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Where are they from?

The Miniature Australian Shepherd (commonly known as the Mini Aussie) never originated in Australia. Some Basque farmers may have brought along ancestors of these dogs they left for Australia, then to the United States at the time of the 1849 California gold rush. But, Australian Shepherds today developed in the Southwestern United States. This dog was bred to handle the temperatures and demands of the American frontier. Breeders focused on abilities: agility, speed and endurance.

How big are they?

The Mini Aussie generally has a shoulder height of  (14-18 in) and weighs between 25 and 50 pounds. The Mini Aussies we have for sale all have many different ear sets, triangular ears, rose-bud style and standard fold. , scissors bite, and brown, blue, or amber eyes. Some eyes may be different one from the other. Your dog will have a flat back, docked bobtail, and adorable oval feet. The Mini Aussie is a little longer than tall.


Mini Aussies are a variety of black, red, red merle (dark patches on a light-colored background), or blue merle. They sport white markings.



Our Mini Aussies come from good stock and are  intelligent and eager to learn. They are relaxed, loyal and bond closely with family.  They are always youthful and will miss you when you leave.  They are great for children and other pets, especially if properly introduced as a puppy. They may be shy around strangers, and are somewhat territorial.

Affectionate and kindhearted but easily bored…

They need a family and people around to be happy.  You must be able to provide these things to get a Mini Aussie puppy from us.  Although they are good watch dogs, they are not a good dog to leave alone for long periods of time.

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What else do I need to know?

Mini Aussies live between 12 and 13 years on average.  They learn easily and have won a number of national agility competitions in recent years.  You will have a lot of fun training your puppy to catch, jump, and even to learn herding if you have the livestock.  (As you may know, they herd people too, so be prepared!)

Male VS Female

“As a general rule, there are no major personality differences between male and female. Both males and females make great companions and family members. Many people believe that female dogs make better pets. Most calls for a puppy have people wanting a “sweet little girl”. They don’t think females display alpha behavior like “marking” and/or “humping”. They believe that they are docile and attentive and do not participate in fighting for dominance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In the dog pack makeup, females usually rule the roost, determine pecking order and compete to maintain and/or alter that order. The females are, as a result, more independent, stubborn and territorial than their male counterparts. Most fights will usually break out between two females.
Males on the other hand are usually more affectionate, exuberant, attentive and more desiring of attention. They are very attached to their people. They also tend to be more steadfast, reliable and less moody. They are more outgoing, more accepting of other pets, playful for more years and take quicker to children. Most boys are easily motivated by food and praise and are so eager to please that training is easy. However, males can be more easily distracted during training because of their playful nature. No matter what age, he is more likely to act silly and more puppy-like, always wanting to play games. Boys are fun loving until the day they die.

         Females tend to be more reserved or dignified as they age. Neutered males rarely exhibit undesirable secondary behavior such as “humping” or “marking” and lifting of legs. Once the testosterone levels recede after neutering, most of these behaviors (if they ever existed) will disappear. Boys who are neutered early often don’t ever raise their leg to urinate. While females will usually come to you for attention, when she’s had enough she will move away. Boys are always waiting for your attention and stay closer at hand.
Keep an open mind when selecting your puppy. Don’t close the door on a puppy because of preconceived notions of it’s gender; you may be missing out on a great companion! Either way you go, male or female, if it’s a Aussie you can’t go wrong. Just keep in mind, every dog, male or female has it’s own personality and is unique in every way.
So, before you decide on that age old dilemma of male or female, there are many things to think about. Which ever gender you choose, having an Australian Shepherd is a wonderful addition to your family”

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