Sunset Farm Laska’s Avenger is an 18 inch Mini Aussie female. She is Reg. ASDR.

She will be having her next litter around July 6th , Wrecker will be the sire. This will be her last litter as she will be retiring.  All her pups will be Black Tri,s or Blue Merles she will have no reds.

We are so excited as she carries Bet gene. That is the gene that can create the blue eyed tri’s and she of course is a beautiful Merle.  Not that we pick favorites but my Granddaughter is very partial to this one.

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13 thoughts on “Laska

  1. Mandy McDevitt

    Love your dogs! Thinking of a shepherd puppy. I would love a blue-eyed female who looks like Laska. Are Wyatt and Laska considered miniature?

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  3. Sandra Fifes

    Love blue eye tri. Boy preferred. Time frame April.

    • I am not sure as the girls have a mind of there own. There will more red heads this and less blue eyes Spring or summer. The blue eyed tri’s are hard this is the first time I have had this many in one litter. All my pups are litter box trained too, that is a big help in Winter.

  4. Ashley

    Expecting any red merles this litter?

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  6. Ashley

    Very interested in a blue merel this winter! We live close by and would love to see mom and dad in person.. Is that possible? Not sure if a Mini is what we are looking for but will consider it if they aren’t too small!!

    • Please feel free to give me a call so I can explain how it works and answer any questions you may have,

  7. Mitzi kenney

    Would very much like a blue Merle female or male, but female would be our first choice. In your whelping this July. Also would like to know how much deposit and when it is due and total cost of the pup. Also would look to see parents. Where snouts in Maine are you located? Northern or southern?

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