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Those of you that have puppies or are waiting on the list for their  Kicks and Giggles Mini Aussies or Small AKC Aussie
family member, this blog page is for you. Just go to “follow” over to the right column,  type in your email and you will be
automatically updated!
Feel free to ask questions?
If you are on the list please feel free to post your favorite puppy or puppies, nothing is final yet. Just scroll down to the bottom of this picture and click comments. Please use your # on list so other people can get an idea of what pups may or may not be available. Remember nothing here is final!!!
Click on comments to add your own 2 cents to any post. Once I approve you, you can comment anytime!!! Please feel free to share with each other.


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2 thoughts on “Puppy Blog

  1. Julie Hersom

    Hi. I am #8 on the list. I do not want a boy or a mearle. I already have a boy mini aussie from one of Cathy’s previous liters. I want a sister for Charley Brown. Anxious to find out everyones choices.

  2. Noelle Waldron

    I would like a girl, preferably a red merle. I have an aussiedoodle right now, (aussie and poodle) and I used to have a tricolor female aussie. I am looking forward to getting an aussie, are there that are unspoken for from Wrecker and Bling’s litter?

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