1st Pick Carrie

2nd Pick Dixie

3rd Pick Destiny

4th Pick Whitney

5th pick Marriah

6th Pick Billy Ray

7th Pick Shaina

8th Pick Reba

9th Janice

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26 thoughts on “Picks

  1. Jason Ireland

    I assume Chris and his family at #6 will chose Billy Ray if he is available? Are they still going to bow out if they can’t chose him?

    • yes I think so.

      • Jason Ireland

        Awwwww i hope they get him. as for us at #7 we are now struggling with the fact that Shania might still be available to us when we pick.The 1st pick really threw us a curveball. Do you have any idea what #8 was thinking?

  2. jod johnson

    I am so happy we got our favorite puppy, I hope you all get your pick also.

  3. Heather

    If anyone lives near the Lewiston / Auburn area we would love to set up a puppy play date…..

  4. Jennifer Martin

    Heather we live in lewiston would love to set up a puppy play date !!

    • Heather

      Really that would be awesome we named our little girl diamond!!!!! Im so excited to get her home with us. Let me know when you would like to set something up!!

  5. Jennifer Martin

    So happy the picks are turning out great i cannot wait to pick up my beautiful girl !! now a name ????

  6. jod johnson

    Jennifer, we are having a hard time with names also. I think we will come up with a list then try them out on the puppy when she comes home. She may respond to 1 better than the others. I can’t wait to bring her home, I hope Spice’s litter can get their shots earlier.

  7. Jason Ireland

    We have decided to name our baby “Sierra” if we chose Shania and maybe “onyx” if we chose Reba. We also threw around Ruby obviously for a red pup and Sienna.

  8. Chris Carpenter

    We’re going with Digger,australian slang for soldier. Seeing he was one male out of two litters totaling 9 it fits.

  9. jod johnson

    Cathy, can we still come visit the pups? Or do we just wait til pick up day?

  10. Jennifer Martin

    Was Wondering the same??

  11. Jennifer Martin

    Names Libby or Stella can’t decide down to 2 names Thoughts!!!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Stella is very cute.

  12. Jodi Johnson

    We liked Stella but decided it didn’t fit Destiny, would be great for Carrie though!

  13. Jodi Johnson

    Now all the puppies have new homes. The long wait is over! I hope you will all post pics.

  14. Jason Ireland

    It would be great to keep in touch with everyone and watch the pups grow. I’m not sure how to post pictures on here

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Jason Great Idea. We could create a Facebook Page. We name Marriah Lola Breeze.

  15. Jason Ireland

    great idea if we can get people onboard with it

  16. Count us in!

  17. My son has offered to create the Facebook page if you would like him to.

  18. Jason Ireland

    Ok folks i started a page on facebook so we can all keep in touch. Just look me up Kicks and Giggles Mini Aussies spring/summer 2012. Just send me a request and you are in.

  19. Jason Ireland

    i already did it 🙂 look at my last post

    • Lisa

      Can you send the link?

  20. Jason Ireland

    sure i hope this helps http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/388055484584283/

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