Puppy shots

I will be taking Pipers puppies to the vet for their final check up and shots on Wednesday so they will new ready to pick up on the  22nd of they feel ok after their shots. I think you guys are the best group of of  familys I have ever had, I am so happy that my babies our going to such loving homes. Thank you all!

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25 thoughts on “Puppy shots

  1. Cathy,
    Any chance of picking up the puppies from Spice’s litter a little early, like the weekend before July 3rd? There is going to be so much traffic right before the 4th.

  2. Jason Ireland

    This is awesome news i can’t wait. you are an awesome breeder to let us into your homes and be such pests LOL. We will see you tomorrow 🙂

    • Jodi Johnson

      I can’t wait to hear who you pick!

  3. Jodi Johnson

    Thanks for the update Cathy. Any luck on getting Spice’s litter shots moved ahead? The 4th is going to be busy for everyone.

    • Yes I will move her to ahead too, I have just been very very busy the last couple of days.

  4. Jennifer Martin

    Thank You Thank you! Your’e the best is been a great experience so kind and helpful & patient with me bugging you 24/7 !!

  5. Jodi Johnson

    It seems like your long wait is almost over. Congratulations, 1st Litter pick guys!

  6. Krista Frazier

    Awesome news for you all! Enjoy your beautiful pups!

    • Chris Carpenter

      Cathy, couple quick questions. What size crate would you suggest to start off with as we need one to bring him home and also collar size so we can keep him on a leash for our pit stops. Also do you think Saturday (3 days out from shots) would give him enough time to bounce back to be able to pick him up? It would be around 11am-noon by the time we would get there. I need a couple days notice to get the day off as I work 7 days a week during the summer. Thank you for everything !!

      • I would get the bigest crate that fits in your car comfortably. Saturday is good for pick up.

  7. Lisa Bergeron

    Thanks to all – I appreciated all the comments everyone posted especially because we were not able to visit the puppies (made it very hard to just rely on photos). I hope to see a post with the names of your new puppies. We are thinking Lola Breeze (Marriah).

  8. Jodi Johnson

    So far, I love everyone’s names for their new babies! Wish we had one for Destiny. We are thinking: Indy, Ginny, Kora (australian for companion), Lolli (Australian for candy or sweets), and Ella.

  9. Krista Frazier

    I saw the name Kora too on a website and like it. At this time, however, I think we are considering Reece, Dakota or just Koda. We already have a female lab named Kacey so we are trying to avoid names that end with the “e” sound. Naming my three children wasn’t this difficult:)!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Krista I like Kora- very nice.
      We are having fun trying to pick a name. Lola comes from the Jimmy Buffet song Lola and Frankie and Breeze – just for fun is a middle name.
      We also like Coral Bay ( can you tell we are going for the Island theme). Coral because of her coloring and Bay – another fun middle name. I think we are leaning towards Lola.

  10. What great names! I think we are going with “Sydney”, just like the city in Australia that my husband and I visited a few years ago.

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Perfect!!! Which dog did you get. It was not posted (or I may have missed it)

  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that I changed Spices litter pickup date. and # 7 has chosen Shania.
    Sorry I have not been keeping up well, I have been extra busy lately.

    • Do you know what the new pickup date will be for spice’s litter?
      Sorry to be such a pest… 😦

  12. Jason Ireland

    We couldn’t be happier the way the picks worked out and her new name will be Ciarra Red pronounced Sierra

  13. Jennifer Martin

    Aww So happy for everyone i agree with Krista nameing my children wastn’t this hard!! we like Libby, Stella Ruby i don know i cant decide im still looking????

  14. Jodi Johnson

    My daughter definitely wants to call Destiny, Indy. I hope she likes it.

  15. Jason Ireland

    I made a page on facebook for us all here is the link if you are interested http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/388055484584283/

  16. Jennifer Martin

    Thats great Chris!!
    Be nice to follow and see pics Fun fun Ty!:

  17. Jason Ireland

    I’m not Chris LOL

  18. Jennifer Martin

    So sry long day!!! THanks it wil be fun!!

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