New pictures of the puppies only one left. SNAFU

I can’t believe that Snafu is still Available! Look at the bone structure on the this boy.

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4 thoughts on “New pictures of the puppies only one left. SNAFU

  1. Anna Contant

    Beautiful wish we could get another one. Not in the cards right now

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    Hi – How much is Kris Kringle? My daughter has one of your puppies and that’s how I became interested in your dogs.

    Barbara Glover

    • Hi Barbra,
      He is still available, and he is $750.00.
      Thank you Cathy

  3. Janet Urquhart

    Hi there

    We wish we could continue with the process to meet with you about applying to purchase a puppy but our finances have changed ( it’s been a rough winter ) and we can no longer afford the full cost of one of your gorgeous dogs. We will continue to watch for litters in the future and will contact you directly if things change. I imagine it won’t be long until they find wonderful homes. They are adorable and the breed is so popular !! Please keep us in mind if you anticipate a change in cost.

    Janet Urquhart

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