Laska’s Little Ones at 4 weeks!

Laska and Wyatt’s Little Ones at 4 weeks!

They are just too cute!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Laska’s Little Ones at 4 weeks!

  1. Just sent you a message. We are planning on June 6th for a visit. We are also leaning towards Happy, the female Merle in Laska’s litter. Let me know if the 6th works for a visit. Thanks! Stacey

    • Erica Farrar

      Stacey what # are you on the waiting list? trying to get a feel for which ones will be available 🙂

  2. Jennifer Collins

    Thanks so much for the beautiful photos Cathy! All the puppies are just so adorable. We are all super excited for our visit. The kids are counting the days.
    If anyone is open to sharing what number they are on the list we would be very grateful. Just trying to get an idea of which sweet puppies will be available to us. We are #4.
    The Collins Family

    • Erica Farrar

      Hello Collins family!
      We are #3 on the list and are leaning towards one of the blue merle boys.
      The Farrar family

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