Piper’s pups at 33 Days

If you are on the list and plan on taking one these beautiful babies home, please feel free to Comment on which one or two are your favorites. Please use your # on list so others know where they stand.ย  Please remember that nothing is finial yet.

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111 thoughts on “Piper’s pups at 33 Days

  1. jod johnson

    I’m third on the list, I have to say Shania is gorgeous! And Dixie is beautiful with such a good personality. I need to meet them again as Spice’s pup were really too young to tell yet.

  2. Jason Ireland

    We are 7th on the list and we like Dixie and Reba from this litter

  3. Krista Frazier

    My family is 4th on the list and from this litter we like Carrie & Dixie.

    • Lisa Bergeron

      How high on your list is Carrie?

      • Krista

        Pretty high up, but it really depends on what the families before us choose. We also haven’t seen the pups yet…this is all based on pics. We really like Dixie too and in the beginning we weren’t even considering a merle.

      • Krista Frazier

        Lisa, I wanted to let you know that after visiting the puppies yesterday, I think my family is leaning towards picking a red merle:). Obviously, we don’t know exactly what the families on the list before us will choose, but I wanted to give you hope if you were still interested in Carrie!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Thanks Krista! We do like Carrie. Which Red merle are considering.

      • Krista

        They are all so beautiful and sweet, but maybe Dixie or Janice. Dixie would be more convenient due to pick up being a little earlier and we go away on the 4th, but all depends on the families before us. The wait isn’t easy, huh?

    • Lisa Bergeron

      It sure isn’t easy to wait. We think we will go with a tri-black or a red merle but as you said we need to see who picks before us (we are #5). Need to see what #2 is thinking. No post from them.

    • Lisa

      Krista we went with Mirriah. Tell me what you loved about her. So anxious to meet here.

  4. Lisa Bergeron

    My family is 5th on the list we like Shania, Carrie.

  5. Jennifer Martin

    Our Family has 1st pick we love Shania and Reba !!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Hi Jennifer – Are these two puppies still your top choice?

  6. Chris Carpenter

    We’re 6th and want them all !! We’re going to pick mainly on personality but as far as the pics go Billy Ray is our favorite thus far.

  7. Jennifer Martin

    I think Carrie is the most photo- genic !! Adorable li girl:)

  8. jod johnson

    I met Carrie, she was just finding her voice and was so cute growling. Big personality

  9. Jennifer Martin

    Cathy i was wondering if Shania has gotten as big as the others or is she still on the small side??

    • She is still the the smallest, and Reba is not much bigger. They both seem to have the toy features. My guess would be they will be around 14″ give or take.

  10. Lisa Bergeron

    Any new photos this week?

  11. Lisa Bergeron

    Cathy who is number 2 on the list. They have not posted yet. Do you know which puppies they are considering?

  12. Jennifer Martin

    Pictures this week?? Waiting is so hard anxious weve gone to petco twice already for our new baby !!boys are getting anxious just to pick!!:)

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Me too!!! I hoping the pictures this week -especially from Wyatts litter will help us narrow our choice down.

    • Krista Frazier

      You are in the best position of all:)! Is your family having a tough time deciding? Not easy when they are all so darn cute!

      • Lisa Bergeron

        Yes- it is a hard decision. We lost our blue merle (standard aussie) in Feb. It was an unexpected loss so looking forward to the joy a new puppy will bring.

  13. We have last choice, luckily they are all adorable! Although our first choice would be one of the tri’s I think. Does anyone know what brand of dog food the puppies are eating? I wanted to stock up…

    • Nutro Natural Choice Small Bits Puppy Chicken Meal & Oatmeal Formula

  14. jod johnson

    We have not heard from number 2, perhaps they don’t have a computer.

  15. Lisa Bergeron

    BTW, we live too far to visit the puppies. So appreciate anyone’s feedback or any observation about the puppies. We are hoping to find a dog on the larger size (don’t want a toy).Jod thanks for posting a comment about Carrie and her personality!

  16. Krista Frazier

    Cathy mentioned to me back a while ago that #2 liked Dixie, but that certainly could have changed. I wonder if everyone that can visit the pups has?

  17. Lisa Bergeron

    Cathy, when will you posting the next round of photos?

    • I had some family issues to take of so I am running a little late on pictures I will get them done as soon as possible. I have had to wait for puppies too, so I know how hard it is!!!!!!!

  18. Jennifer Martin

    Krista we are in the best position of all but my 2 sons each like a different dog and im in love with Shania no matter what her size my boys want the bigger pups!!

    • Krista

      Jennifer…My family luckily has all agreed on a red merle, we just can’t come up with a name! A family of five with lots of different opinions:)! I didn’t think that Shania and Reba looked that much smaller than the rest of the pups in that litter. Their facial features were just a little different, but equally sweet! I can’t wait until everyone has decided…very exciting!

  19. Jennifer Martin

    It is very exciting we are struggling with Names as well again 3 different opions!! 1 day closer:)

    • Krista

      Do your boys like the tri’s and does it matter to them?

      • Jennifer Martin

        My boys do like the tris we are not considering the merles although they are very beautiful!!

  20. jod johnson

    I’m curious about the pet food choice. Didn’t they have a lot of trouble with that brand and recall a bunch due to bacteria?

  21. jod johnson

    Visiting puppies again today, I am very excited!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Which ones are at the top of your list?

  22. Lisa Bergeron

    Jod please share your feedback from your visit!! Anxious to hear more about Wyatts litter too.

  23. jod johnson

    I will definitely post my comments. Right now I like Shania and Dixie, but this is all subject to change about 1pm lol. Which one are you looking at Lisa? I know you live too far to visit.

  24. Jodi Johnson

    After visiting the pups today, I have to say i’m in love with Destiny. I still love Shania too, but I think the 1st pick, Jennifer, loves her also. Lisa, Carrie is a wonderful dog. She would be our top pick if we wanted a black tri. I am, however, in love with both reds. The merles out of Spice’s litter are becoming very beautiful dogs. They don’t have the get up and go as much as Piper’s litter, yet. Cathy, thank you for letting us visit so long today. You are so knowledgeable and friendly. I feel very confident in your advice and opinions over the next couple of weeks in regards to dog personalities.

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Thanks for sharing!! Wish we could visit the pups. I really appreciate your post and observations. Destiny’s a great choice. She is a real cutie.

  25. Jodi Johnson

    Oh and Lisa, Carrie is definitely one of the bigger pups at the moment. Close in size to billy ray, who is a very strong lil guy. It was funny to watch Carrie put him in his place.

  26. Lisa

    Has anyone narrowed done their choices?

  27. Lisa

    Has anyone narrowed down their choices?

    • Krista Frazier

      Looks like my decision will be based on what #2 chooses since she may be the only one before me that also wants a merle. I’m ready to make a decision for sure:)!

      • Lisa Bergeron

        Since you are before us – who are you thinking. Top 2?

      • Krista Frazier

        Dixie or Janice. Honestly, we would take any of the merles. That’s why it’s so hard to say until the list starts to finalize.

  28. Lisa Bergeron

    Could not agree more – They are all beautiful.
    You are right as everyone picks it creates a real domino effect.

  29. jod johnson

    We are getting close to pick day. Has anyone made a final choice yet?

  30. Lisa Bergeron

    Our family likes Carrie (husband’s number 1 choice) and I like Carrie and one of the Red Merles from the 2nd litter (which pup depends on all the picks before us but Janice, Whitney and Marriah are our top choices). As soon as others on the list ahead announce their choice, then we can narrow it down. Are you still picking Destiny?

  31. Chris Carpenter

    This thread seems to have taken over for both litters so I’ll ask this here. Next weekend is when we have to make our final choices. Pipers pups @41 days show the features really well over the pics from the 33 day round. Cathy, is it possible to get another round of pics of Spices pups?

  32. Lisa

    That will help.

  33. jod johnson

    It will either be Destiny or Shania for me. If I can’t have either (im third pick), I am at a loss. I don’t have a third favorite.

  34. Chris Carpenter

    Does anyone here (picks 1-5) have an interest in Billy Ray ? The only reason I ask is from the start before the any of the puppies were born our family wanted a male. Now after the fact there was only one male from the 2 litters so our choice is basically him. Just wondering what our chances are of being able to get him.

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Our family likes a tri black or a red merles (equally). However, my husband really likes the tri-blacks. and his first choice is Carrie than Billy Ray. For the red merles just depends on what picks happen before us. But we like the merles in the 2nd litter. We also like Shania but assuming she will go. Not sure if this helps but we are #5 so there is a lot of picks before us so our list is longer than most so that we have options.

  35. Jennifer Martin

    Chris Being 1st pick i do not want a male!!

  36. Chris Carpenter

    Well that was crushing lol. Just wait and see I guess. As far as picks 7-9 , My wife and I were talking about it last night and we may bow out if not able to get a male. No hard feelings here it’s just the luck of the draw and no options as far as the gender. So you guys after us will have one less person to worry about :))

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Hang in there Chris. I am sure it will all work out. I did not realize Jennifer had Carrie on her radar until yesterday. I really like a couple of the red merls in litter 2 and may go that way. While I like the tri-blacks it is my husbands first choice. Reba is too small (we prefer a bigger dod). Maybe Cathy can get some new photos up today or tomorrow from the second litter. I just need to know how the picks will work out in front of us. New pictures may help.

  37. Krista Frazier

    Chris, we are #4 and we will not be picking Billy Ray (as sweet as he is). We will be picking a red merle. One more week until decision time! I hope things work out for your family!

  38. Jennifer Martin

    Getting excited will be visiting pups this week?? we are hoping Shania has gotten bigger and doest look like a toy will make things easier:)

  39. jod johnson

    Chris, we are 3rd pick and do not want a male dog. In the end things always work out, and a perfect pup is worth waiting for. Jennifer, when I saw Shania on thursday she was small but in proportion. I think Reba’s features were more petite.

  40. Jason Ireland

    Thanks for the update Johnson’s i wish i could get back up there this week but we live a few hours away. it’s nice to hear that Reba is a bit smaller as we would like a smaller dog. Reba is in our top 3 along with Whitney and Marriah. BTW does anyone else find themselves checking in here wayyyyyyyyy too much throughout the day? I think i am becoming a little obsessive LOL. June 19th can’t come soon enough…….PICK DAY!!!!!!!

  41. jod johnson

    Is every 2 hours too ofter? lol

    • Lisa Bergeron

      I pretty obsessed too…. I keep checking all day.
      I am just getting confused what families top 2 choices are (so many posting). We are living the country on Friday for 2 weeks and was hoping to be a little closer but don’t know what the picks are for #1 & #2 which seems to be what needs to happen first.

  42. jod johnson

    I love the blog Cathy! It keeps us up to date so we don’t get our hopes up on a certain dog.

  43. Jason Ireland

    we will all know in a week at the latest. i figured my family and i would go on the 19th so we should know for sure what pup is ours when we leave.

  44. Jason Ireland

    Getting excited……days are going by slowly. Anyone closer to a decision?

  45. jod johnson

    Me, me! I want Destiny.

    • Krista Frazier

      You must be relieved to know that she’s probably yours! She’s adorable!

  46. Jason Ireland

    I think you have a great shot at getting her. I would like to hear from the others that were visiting today. As for my family we are really liking Reba, love her petite little features.

  47. Krista Frazier

    Had a great visit today! What an energetic bunch of pups…super cute! Looks like the kids and I have narrowed it down to Marriah and Whitney. Seems like #2 is the only one before us that is interested in a merle. Can’t wait for Cathy’s call on Tuesday!

    • Lisa

      Once you decide that will set us up for our decision.

  48. Jennifer Martin

    Cathy Thanks tonite was not easy! I’m super excited i know we picked the right pup based on temperment and size i jus cannot wait to bring her home as much as i love Shania im not sure she matched our family !!All the pups are amazing and such different in each way ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Jason Ireland

    you are killing me Jennifer, who did you chose?

  50. Jason Ireland

    I should have checked my email 1st i guess LOL. Congrats on Carrie she is a beautiful pup!

  51. jod johnson

    I’m getting really excited! I will let you all know, that providing number 2 does not pick Destiny, We will be picking her. We are number 3, so Krista and Lisa get ready to chose! It’s so much fun!

  52. Lisa Bergeron

    I think you will get her. I think Heather is just considering the merles. We Skyped last night so we have narrowed our choices to the two merles and Billy Ray.

  53. Chris Carpenter

    Lisa , are either of the merles you narrowed your choices down to being considered by picks 2,3 & 4 ?

    • Lisa

      I think #2 & #4 like Dixie & Whtney. We like Whitney Janice Mirrah & billy ray

  54. Jodi Johnson

    which merles do you like Lisa? I though Whitney and Marriah were the prettiest.

    • Lisa

      We liked Whitney Janice & mariah. Did you meet them? Coulld you share any observation?(size coloring personality)I think #2 & #4 are considering Whitney & Dixie. So Whitney might go. The other pup in the running is Billy Ray.

    • Lisa

      What did you think of Janice?

  55. jod johnson

    Janice is a pretty dog. Whitney was my kids favorite, very laid back. All the merles in Spice’s litter seemed very relaxed and friendly. I perferred Mairah’s markings though, you have a tough decision now Lisa.

  56. Chris Carpenter

    Just saw the e-mail , everyone knows our choice, the one & only boy !! ๐Ÿ™‚ Torch is now passed to #7 Not sure whats going to be longer ….. The wait to now or from now to pick up day lol

  57. jod johnson

    Are we all sitting by our computers anxious to see who goes next?

    • Chris Carpenter

      I know huh …. our turns have passed but my wife and I are still finding ourselves here hourly lol. Jeremy (our 6yo son) is so excited we were able to get Billy but I have to admit I think we are more excited. It was a tough nail biting week but things seemed to have worked out great for everyone so far.

      • Lisa

        Glad it all worked out. My husband really liked Billy but we were torn and decided to go for Merriah.

    • Lisa Bergeron

      Jod- tell me more about Merriah- I know you spent a lot of time with her. Are her eyes still blue?? Is she a good size? What did you decide to name Whitney (she is a real beauty too)?

  58. Jason Ireland

    We were actually set to pick Reba, but from the start my wifes favorite was Shania. We just didn’t think the cards were going to fall so we would have a chance at picking her. Now we are torn because we visited them when they were still a bit young to have a personality. We will have to see what Tuesday brings as it is the earliest we can get there. As for 8 and 9 we really are not considering Janice so one of you will end up with her. I hope this helps and congratulations to all the picks and their new pups. I don’t think it could have worked out any better for us actaully.

    • Hi Jason,
      It looks like we will be taking home Janice. After you visit on Tuesday, could you share your thoughts on her personality and size, it sounds like she is a handful! Thanks!

  59. jod johnson

    Lisa, I did spend some time with Mariah, but I picked Destiny. I wanted a red tri from the beginning. Maybe Krista has more insight on Mariah. I was able to hold her on her back and she didn’t try to get away. She liked to be around us when we were there. Her eyes are still blue and she is gorgeous, I love her markings! Overall she’s a very calm, friendly dog.

  60. Jennifer Martin

    Jason Shania is a little spitfire she is just cutest little thing very very small but willing to mix it up she didn’t want in be in my arms very long at all!!

  61. jod johnson

    I think I spelled my name wrong in the posts, it’s Jodi. Sorry about that. Not sure how to fix it. Jason, I think you will know which 1 is right when you go visit on Tuesday, it was that way for us, so take a deep breath. I think people may be shying away from Janice because she is verbal. I did not notice her being overly verbal at all( I have visited 3 times). Cathy said that Janice does not like to be in the pen, unless you are going to kennel her for long periods, she should be fine. Janice’s bone structure, eye color and markings all are beautiful.

  62. Jason Ireland

    Honestly i wish i was up there today picking my baby, but my wife has to work 12 hours today as she is a nurse. I feel really badly that we are holding the rest of you up on chosing your baby. When this whole process started i was hoping to chose a merle, my wife was hoping for a tri-red, and my son was hoping for a tri-black. I have since bowed to them and will be the tie breaker between Shania and Reba. I just can’t say without visiting which one i prefer because they both take such beautiful pictures. And yes Donna i will post a comment on Janice later in the day on tuesday we won’t be going right home after we visit though as my wifes mother is having knee surgery on monday and we have to stop by to visit her in the hospital.

    • Thanks, we live south of Boston, and have not been able to visit the puppies at all, so any insight on our new baby would be helpful. Being last on the list has been very difficult, because knowing we didn’t have a say in who we get, I didn’t want my kids to get their hopes up for any one particular dog, that’s why we never made the 31/2 hour road trip up to Maine. As everyone here is, we are very excited to bring our new puppy home!

  63. Jennifer Martin

    Yes Donna They are all wonderful pups Janice is a big girl adorable it took us 2 hours to decide Now to bring them home!!

  64. Jason Ireland

    Janice will be a beautiful dog and Cathy says she will have green eyes which will be amazing. I do believe that she will be such a loyal companion because she is so needy after she has the chance to bond with your family. The only reason she is not on our list is because we prefer the smaller pups. My wife talked with Cathy last night and she told her Shania is only 1 1/2 pounds and Reba is 3 pounds compared to Carrie who is 7 pounds.

  65. Wow, tiny!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      We very close to picking Janice. She is beautiful dog. Definitely one of my favorites.

  66. Jason Ireland

    Will you be making the trip up to pick up your baby Donna or are you having her shipped?

    • We will be driving up on the pickup date to get her, can’t wait!

  67. Jason Ireland

    awesome i was kind of worried about her being crated and shipped. my beloved Italian Greyhound who we just lost in Feb. was the last in her litter and she was the best and most lovable pet i ever owned. so it’s not like you had last choice think of it as fate. Cathy said she would consider her pick of the litter because of her structure.

  68. Jason Ireland

    So i assume the picks are all done now since 8 and 9 were waiting on us? sorry for that. So Donna i promised you a little insight on Janice. I didn’t think she was overly big compared to her sister Whitney but they were both a bit bigger than Marriah. quite rugged though and a very very beautiful pup. She is quite vocal and wanted to be around us when we were there. She came over to me and wanted me to pick her up so i did and she kissed me all over my face. She is really going to love being around people. She really was more interested in socializing with my wife son and myself than she was with the other pups. Honestly a great pup for a big family that has lots of time for her. I thought about picking her myself at 1 point LOL. Love those green eyes. Lisa, Marriah is a great dog too she wanted to be around us some too she is easy to roll on her belly and give a rub she just looks at you. Great dogs we really enjoyed watching them all. Congratualtions to everyone.

  69. Thanks Jason! You put excited smiles on my families faces, we just can’t wait. I don’t think #8 has picked yet, so I can’t be 100 percent sure of if we are getting Reba or Janice, but either one will be great for us. Thanks for all the insight!

  70. Jason Ireland

    i made a page for us all on facebook to keep in touch here is the link http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/388055484584283/

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