Spice’s pups at 25 Days

If you are on the list and plan on taking one these beautiful babies home, please feel free to Comment on which one or two are your favorites. Please use your # on list so others know where they stand.  Please remember that nothing is finial yet.

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11 thoughts on “Spice’s pups at 25 Days

  1. jod johnson

    Destiny would be my first choice out of this litter. I can’t decide, ill take 5!

    • Lisa Bergeron

      What number are you on the list?

  2. Jason Ireland

    We are 7th on the list. I like Whitney and my wife like Marriah but they are all very cute.

  3. jod johnson

    I’m third, but I picked 2 out of the other batch so this was just a comment.

  4. Lisa Bergeron

    Still deciding – like Destiny, Mariah and Janice-next round of photos will help.

    • Lisa Bergeron

      We also like Whitney- just depends on how the picks go before us.

  5. Jennifer Martin

    Our Pick here would definatly be Destiny love those Red Tris:)

  6. jod johnson

    I know Destiny is the smallest. How big do you think she will be?

  7. Lisa Bergeron

    How big is Mariah and Janice? Can you tell?

  8. Jodi Johnson

    I’m definitely in love with Destiny after today. I am 3rd on the list. Shania is still at the top of my list also, even though she’s going to be a lil devil.

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