Spice and Wyatt’s awesome babies.

Spice and Wyatt’s puppies at a week old .

What sweet little lucky charms born on St. Pattys Day.

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5 thoughts on “Spice and Wyatt’s awesome babies.

  1. Lori C. Franklin

    Thank you for updating the photos of the puppies. It’s great to see who’s who. We love Clover! (#3)

    • Jaime G

      Btw, Lori, Clover is an adorable choice. It looks like when she was being made a drop of red “dye” dripped down on her blaze. What a cutie-pie! =)

  2. Jaime G

    They are all so precious! I’ve got my eye on that little bald eagle in there (“Treasure”), though I will be head-over-heels for whichever lil critter I end up with. We will see what happens once their personalities start showing and everyone else makes their picks. =) (#6)

  3. Lori Franklin

    I agree Jamie. They are all so precious! We had a female red tri aussie with brown eyes for 16 1/2 years which we just loved. She was a very special member of our family. Great with my girls from the time they were babies. She used to sleep under their crib when they were napping. I swear she thought my girls were her pups too. Clover reminds us of that wonderful pup. We also think that Winkin and Blinkin are pretty sweet too. We’re patiently waiting for them to open their eyes. We have a fondness for brown eyed girls!

  4. Jaime G

    What a heartwarming story. =) I’ve gone back and forth on the male/female decision a million times. I currently have an old man male Border Collie mix who has been just amazing as well. I want one that will be at least semi-social with people/dogs at the parks and walking trails, but that will be protective of me if necessary. But, I think it’s just going to come down to whichever pup steals my heart the most. =) Right now I’m giggling over how cute these pup’s ears are while they’re so little- every one is going off in a different direction. =)

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