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Echo and Wyatt’s pups at 1and a half weeks

Here are Echo and  and Wyatt’s beautiful babies.

They are fat and happy, their eyes are just starting to open.

The girls are on pink and the boys are on Blue.

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Getting Ready for Puppies

We only have like a week or so to go!!!

I have been cleaning and bleaching all day to be ready for two litters. Ruined my good shirt (you’d think I’d know better) but any way,I think I am all most there

just need to pick up some evaporated milk and yogurt, to have on hand with the goats milk. Just in case!

Both girl are fat and happy and doing great.

Here are some cute belly pictures for you!!!!!

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Spice and Echo

Echo and Spice

Both girls are doing well. They finished with morning sickness and are half way their. Spice is all ways a little needy, but now more than normal. Echo has never been needy, but she is quiet needy now. Both girls have nice pink nips, but are not showing yet. The girls are still playing hard when we go for are daily walks, when the weather allows. (enough SNOW already!!) They should start showing there belly’s in the next couple weeks. Any questions,  please feel free to call.

Echo and Spice

Echo and Spice


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