Ginger and Wrecker Plus Bling and Wrecker

Well here they are! 6 beautiful red heads out of Ginger an Wrecker. The Techie Litter

Bling and Wrecker had 9 stunning little one’s the same day and here they are:

I still have one litter to go before I will be calling the wait list.

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9 thoughts on “Ginger and Wrecker Plus Bling and Wrecker

  1. Sherry W Hardwick

    Wow! You’ll be able to retire soon at this rate!

  2. Cathy

    They are all beautiful! 🙂 this is exciting!

  3. Lisa Norton

    When is the third litter due? Thanks! Lisa Norton

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  4. Kerry Buchanan

    Too cute !! ❤️Plz let me know if any are available ASAP ❤️❤️

  5. 1uniquefinds

    Are all these puppies spoken for? -Elizabeth Harmon.

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    • NO there are still a couple lift

      • Debbie gregory

        Hi, I sent an email yesterday inquiring about the puppies… Are any still available? What is the price of adopting.. thanks.
        Debbie Gregory

      • Please give me a call thank you

      • Hello! I was in Rockland today, and I’m going to be down around your area. Is it at possible to stop by and chat? While I’m down around the area picking up my lobster traps?

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