To all New puppy oweners.

All of your new babies will come with a sample NuVet Plus. The new babies need it for there Immune System during their move to their wonderful new forever homes. Feel free to research this product, I am sold on it , as it has done so much for my pack. Please have yours ready for when you bring your new baby home. You will need this code:69402 if you choose.

 This well help your new family member get the best possible start.

Check out the reviews on youtube

Unfortunately it can’t be found in stores.

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2 thoughts on “To all New puppy oweners.

  1. Cathy

    How long do you recommend puppies stay on NuVet Plus?

    • At least until they have had all there shots. It also helps with coat and shedding and more if you want to keep them on it.

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