Echo and Wrecker’s pups at 3 1/2 weeks

What nice stocky little GEMS. Here they are at 3 1/2 weeks old.

Their eyes open and up an about.

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3 thoughts on “Echo and Wrecker’s pups at 3 1/2 weeks

  1. Abby Griffith

    Hi Cathy – How cute! I’ve been meaning to call you – is June 1 the day I should come pick my puppy? I believe I am number 5 or 6 on the list? I am hoping to pick up the puppy after June 19, my last day of school. Thanks! Abby Griffith

  2. Wendy Drennan

    I do hope that you got my e-mail? Will you be contacting us about when we can come meet our pup?
    Thank you. So excited!!!!!

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