Laska and Wyatt’s little ones are finally here!

Here they are 5 boys and two girls.





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8 thoughts on “Laska and Wyatt’s little ones are finally here!

  1. elizabeth burns

    Thnx – we’ve been waiting to hear? How is poor Laska doing?

    assume you’ll let us know when we may view the puppies. I’d be most interested in male/ brown eyes/ black tri if such turns out to be among the boys. . . .

  2. Jennifer Collins

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope Laska and pups are all doing well. Thinking of everyone. We are counting the days until we can meet them. So excited!!
    We are most interested in a female blue merle.
    All our best,
    The Collins Family

  3. Erica Farrar

    So precious! Hoping the very best for those pups and Laska!!
    We are so looking for a little boy blue Merle
    When can the puppies receive visitors?! 🙂
    Farrar family

  4. Mike Courville

    Mike Courville

    Puppies are adorable can’t wait till we can come up and see them. Hope all is well with Laska.
    We are number six on the list. We are looking for a mellow male.

  5. Christine


    The puppies are beautiful.. Do the male blue merles already have owners?


  6. Robin Hunter

    We are exited to see the puppies!! I think our choice would be a female!?

  7. Mike Courville

    Kathy are you going to put one week pictures of Laska’s puppies on line. Have been waiting all week to see them. Again can’t wait to come and meet them. Mike

  8. Jennifer Collins

    We hope Laska and the pups are doing well. We are thinking of you all every day. Forget to mention we are #4 on the list in our last post. We are really hoping for a blue merle girl. Can’t wait to see the one week pictures and find out what creative names you have chosen. Counting the days until we can meet the pups!
    All our best,
    The Collins Family

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