Laska and Echo !!!

Both Laska and Echo are going to have puppies.

Those of you on the list please give me a call.  I am so excited!!!!! They are so close together that I will be keeping them both on the same list.

Wyatt is the proud Daddy.

Laska s Due Date is Oct 12

Echo s Due Date is Oct 11





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4 thoughts on “Laska and Echo !!!

  1. Suzannah Glover

    Hi there!

    I’ve been meaning to send you a picture of Frankie (Breeze). She’s AMAZING! She is so intelligent, sweet, and playful. She’s absolutely gorgeous and stops everyone on the street. She’s just 11lbs and extremely healthy. She was spayed a while back and did very well during the surgery.

    Best, Suzie

    • That is wonderful, Glad all is going well. Looks like she is going to stay tiny! 🙂

    • So glad all is well. Please feel free to send a picture I loved that little girl.

  2. Sue

    Yeah, more puppies!!!

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