New Puppy Pictures

Here are some new puppy pictures.

They are not the best pictures, but they don’t hold still at this age. The Blue Merle pup is my new girl Bling.

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7 thoughts on “New Puppy Pictures

  1. Ann Morrell

    you are killing me! Winkin has my heart!!! so does Shamrock… ok they all do!!!! I want your life!!!! playing with pups!!! Have a great day!

    • Thank you, Ann
      But there are times I am up to my elbows in POO!!!!

      • Ann Morrell

        hahah it is cute poo though!!! Look at those little faces!!!!

  2. Jaime G

    Oh my Gosh!!!!! Could they be any cuter!!?!? I am so in love with my little Nod!
    Did Echo’s kiddz see the vet the other day?

  3. Jaime G

    I have had Nod (now called Zazu) home for about two days now and he is doing great! I am in the process of moving (only a few minutes away) so he has had two separate houses to play in, met many family members, friends, our many cats, and of course his buddy Rocko, my old dog. He has welcomed every situation confidently and is very people oriented. I can tell he is so smart, he picks up on things so quickly. He seems to know exactly what I want from him. The craziest thing is this little guy is pretty much housetrained already! When he’s in his crate he uses his litter box of pine chips(Thanks Cathy!!), and whenever we go outside he knows that’s potty time. He is already so devoted and follows me everywhere no matter what he was doing before I start walking away. I had been thinking about getting a pup for almost a year, but the timing wasn’t right. This is still a tad earlier than I had planned since I am still moving, but he just fits in so perfectly, it’s almost like he was meant to be mine. The thing that I hadn’t expected was how much I love having two dogs. Before this little critter, Rocko was the only dog I’d ever had, and he’s been great. But seeing the way these guys interact-sometimes cuddling, sometimes engaging in a little friendly competition- is just so heartwarming. He’s now part of the family. =) Just thought I’d give a little update for Cathy and any other new puppy owners who may be interested. Hope the others are doing well too! =)

    • Thank you, so much for the up date Jamie. I am glad he fitting so well!!!

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