I have decided to put Breeze up for sale, I love her to death but she is just too small for my breeding program.

Breeze 4 months old

Breeze 4 months old

She 4 months old, my vet says she might make 15 lbs.


Congrats to Susan she was first on the list, so all the rest of you Patently waiting new moms and dads, have just moved up one on the list!

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One thought on “Breeze

  1. Barbara

    I am Suzannah’s mom and she is sooo excited to be getting Breeze. She has adored dogs since she was a little girl and her commitment to being a good owner is evident already as she is studying how to train and care for her new pup. The best thing is that she can bring her baby to work. It is a very dog-friendly workplace. Breeze will be a very lucky puppy. Oh yeah – I can’t wait to get my hands on her as well. We’ve had dogs forever and just can’t wait to have her in our family. I’m sure our boy Calvin will love his new “sister”. Thanks for making our sweet daughter’s dream come true! XXXOOO

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