Vet Visit

All went will at the vet today, everyone is happy and healthy.

Shania weighed 3lb 12oz

Dixie weighed 6lbs 14oz

Billy Ray weighed 6lbs 9oz

Reba 5lbs 2oz

Carrie 7lbs 120z

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14 thoughts on “Vet Visit

  1. Jason Ireland

    Thanks for the update

  2. Jodi Johnson

    Lol, what a difference in sizes in 1 litter.

  3. Jennifer Martin

    Wow my girls a liile Chunka !!

  4. Lisa Bergeron

    When are you guys picking up your puppies?

  5. Jason Ireland

    We will be picking up Ciarra “Shania” on Saturday 10 a.m. We are so excited

  6. Jennifer Martin

    We are picking Carrie up Friday 2-3 pm feels like x-mas cannot wait!1

  7. Jodi Johnson

    Please post pics if you can, I can’t wait to see how they have grown.

  8. Jodi Johnson

    Did you find a name yet Jennifer?

  9. Jennifer Martin

    nope we are going to just see which ones she respondes to I love Piper but i don’t no if naming her after her mother is allowed?? im going to ask cathy 🙂

  10. Jodi Johnson

    We are going to do the same thing. We have a list and will let Destiny decide.

  11. Heather

    Diamond aka dixie has met a lot of people so far! She loves her carrots for her potty treats! She is such a good girl

  12. Jason Ireland

    Heather, we made a facebook page for all the puppy owners to keep in touch and post pictures and whatnot. here is the link if you’re interested!/groups/388055484584283/

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