Past Puppies 5

Echo and Wyatt

Spice and Wyatt


3 thoughts on “Past Puppies 5

  1. Amy

    Kathy, Patty is doing great!Sorry, I don’t have a camera right now.Going to see if my sister can upload one for you.By far the best dog I have ever had, she is my “baby dog”!We love her so much she is one of a kind!I will get a pic to you asap.From Patty and family

  2. Tiffany Chadwick

    Hello! I’ve been doing much research on my next pup, as this one is going to be quite special. I have epilepsy and am looking for a pup to be trained as a seizure alert dog as well as part of our family. I’ve decided this is the breed for me. Would love to discuss more. I have many questions. My friend Jessica Hochschwender got her pup from you and has nothing but wonderful things to say about you. You can rech me at 6039887733 anytime! Thanku! 😊

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