Macy is a Red Merle Female; she is 2.5-3 years old and loves to play and run around outside. Macy most have a fenced in yard. She loves attention and she loves to cuddle. She is very smart and the only issues that I have had with her is that she is stubborn. Macy needs a home with her and 1 other dog or just her!!! She was not treated good by her other family, so you CANNOT raise your voice to her or your hand or she will let you know that she does not like that!! She has issues with being left in a crate, but she can be broken of this, just needs some training with it!! She is extremely sensitive, and her feelings get hurt sometimes, sometimes easily. The rehome fee is $500. Please call this number if interested. I will choose the best match for her. 207-310-4422

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